Short version: A 20-something who enjoys any and all forms of nerdery.

Long version: I’m a graduate of a small, private liberal arts college in the Midwestern United States with a BA in Literature and Writing. I love writing of all kinds, but especially reviews. So that’s why that’s mostly what you see here. Posts are usually Wednesdays and Fridays, with Saturdays serving as installments for Star Trek Saturdays, where (usually) every week, I talk about an episode of the original Trek television series.

I’ve been a presenter at the 2012 Grand Rapids Student Honors Research Conference (on Carl Barks), the 2013 William B. Fry Making Literature Conference (on Irene Adler), and the 22nd Annual Comics Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con (Barks again). I’m a reviewer and staff writer for Another Castle and a contributor to the Sequart Organization’s website.

Most recently, I was published in the Summer 2014 edition of The Baker Street Journal, the world’s oldest source of Sherlock Holmes scholarship. I’ll add other publications and links to them here as they are added.

I think of this blog as a place to improve my writing skills, plug my other writings, and have fun. I like Star Trek, British/American pop culture, independent music, books and things of that nature. If you do too, then welcome aboard!


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  1. You. You should follow my new blog (well, it’s the same blog, just a new version cuz I ran out of space on the old one) cuz you’re just cool like that (and cuz you followed the old one). 😀 It be here: http://0bythepathlesstraveled0.wordpress.com/

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